Our mission: Supporting improved quality of educational opportunities for the children and youth of the isolated Malsia e Madhe region of Northern Albania.

A registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, with offices in Corvallis, OR and Shkoder, Albania.

2015-16 Scholarship Recipients & Commitments:
9 University scholarships
36 High School Transportation scholarships

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How you can help

$25 will put 5 books in the libraries or
provide one student with school supplies

$50 will provide a microscope in a science lab or other needed equipment

$100 will provide transportation for one Dedaj High School student for one year.

$900 will provide a room & board for one university student for one year.

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Comments from previous volunteers
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Meet some of our Scholarship Recipients.
AAI Scholarship Students
"The most beautiful day of this year has been the day when I started to read some books of the school library. In the school library there are many books, poetries, novellas, love stories, magazines, etc. There are books for students of different ages. What I like most are the novellas. Some that I have read are “Meriyll,” and “There is No One Like Our Grandfather,” and “A Thousand Years of Fairytales.” All the books in Marije’s library have come from the Albanian Alps Institute"
Marije Prekducaj

Contact us at albanianalpsinst@gmail.com

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